BRUGG’s CEO doesn’t only make sure his company manufactures the world’s strongest cables, he’s also busy building lasting relationships with customers and suppliers

Dr. Stephan Wartmann

While it’s no longer fashionable to work one’s way up through a company this “old school” career approach certainly pays dividends, particularly when it comes to specialised knowledge and niche sector experience.

After 22 years with infrastructure pioneer BRUGG, CEO Dr. Stephan Wartmann has these attributes in spades, plus a unique outlook that comes from having spent a career developing within an international business.

Stephen says: “I began working for BRUGG in the US, followed by two years in Japan where I built a new factory and established a Japanese market. After several years between the US and Japan I returned to the company HQ in Switzerland. It was a challenge to be part of an international group as a young engineer, but I was moving around and experiencing different cultures, areas, and business segments, so it was a great learning adventure.”


First founded as a cable manufacturer in 1896, BRUGG has since diversified and now makes loading cables for e-mobility, special cables for wind-power, and process control solutions for water, power, and gas supply. The company also produces pipe systems for district….